Kansas District of The Wesleyan Church

Developing and Deploying Missional Churches

We live in an exciting time full of possibility to reach people with the transforming presence of Jesus. While research indicates that our culture is trending towards a post-Christian trajectory, we also know how hungry people are for an authentic encounter with something meaningful, eternal, and bigger than themselves. And we know Jesus is the only One who can reset the course of our lives, fill us with purpose, and release us to have an impact on our world.

Launching fresh expressions of gospel community is the best strategy for reaching those far from God. Because it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people, we envision a variety of missional approaches to take the gospel into every nook and cranny of our society. Rural. Multi-ethnic. Suburban. Urban. Big. Small. No matter the context, our goal is to see 15 of these new churches planted by 2022.

Are you one of those God has set apart to lead this gospel movement? Will you be someone who answers the call?

If you’re interested in church planting, we would love to explore a partnership together and what it could look like. Email us at churchplanting@kdwc.org.

Steps Towards Multipication

The journey of church planting is multifaceted and can sometimes be confusing. Our commitment is to give planters the clarity and support they need to succeed, and we’ve outlined the process below:



Initial online assessment

Interview with our planting leadership

Church planter assessment center


Connection to a planting coach

Essential training and development

Fundraising and support training

Prospectus formation


Organizational formation

Networking and context discovery

Launch (appropriate to your model and strategy)

Post-launch support


You can begin your first step towards church planting and multiplication by visiting https://kdwesleyan.churchplanterprofiles.com and taking the initial assessment.

Ways To Support Church Multiplication

There are many ways to partner together to see healthy, reproducing churches be launched. While you may not see yourself as the lead in a new church, you may also consider partnering with us in the following ways:

●      Internship or residency - Discovery and training in a local church context

●      M3 Team - Our district’s planting leadership team

●      Giving - Monetary gifts which go towards multiplication projects

●      Prayer - Regular updates given to fuel intercession