Kansas District of The Wesleyan Church

Developing and Deploying Missional Churches

9:30 AM09:30


The Missional Pedal: Two gifted leaders. Steve McVey, lead pastor of Lamont Wesleyan and founder of Dirt Roads Network, and Josh Siders, who planted TheWell (Manhattan) and serves as the district’s Director of Church Multiplication, will present this year. Both have been involved in a unique peer learning cohort this past year that has exposed them to the best thinkers in the world regarding missionality, multiplication and movement. Steve and Josh will unpack their learnings and the implications for what it will take for a movement to move.

The Attractional Pedal: Tim Hughes, lead pastor at Grace Point (Topeka) will challenge ReGrip participants to identify how to create engaging environments in their own context. The presentation Tim gives is built around well-thought out principles and very practical ideas of how the creation of engaging environments can be implemented to enhance the attractional factor of a local church.

ReGrip begins at 9:30 AM, Thursday, July 26 at Hilton Garden Inn, Manhattan and concludes by 3:00 PM. Lunch is on your own.

While ReGrip is primarily offered to vocational ministry leaders to help them get a fresh grip on leadership skills and practices, the stretching insights and practicality of what Steve, Josh and Tim share will make this a profitable day for key leaders, pastor and lay,  in the local church. 

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Michael Joiner, known as God’s Smart Aleck, will perform his unique style of comedy for Ovation!  A true "comic’s comic,” Michael has been performing his own sarcastic style of observational stand-up comedy for over 25 years, becoming a well- known and respected clean comic.  His crowd interaction and unequaled ability to improvise with audience members has gained him respect among fans and comedians alike.  Additionally, Michael was actor Bruce Willis' full time photo-double for the hit TV show "Moonlighting" and has appeared on many TV shows including "21 Jump St." and "30 Something.

Join us for an evening of desserts and “just desserts” with Michael Joiner.  Reservations are required for attendance and may be made below. Ovation! will be held this year at Hilton Garden Inn on July 25, 2018 beginning at 7:30 p.m.  Cost of your hotel room for Wednesday night will be covered if you attend.   Attendance is limited to pastors, spouses and full-time ministry staff as an opportunity to thank them for their ministry! 

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